• Georgi Stand with Trackball

    After posting some pictures in the Plover Discord channel end of August which even got featured by Mirabai on the Plover Blog and Germ himself reminding me of it when ordering my second Georgi, here’s my write-up at last with a few more pictures and the part list.

  • Windows 10 Taskbar Language Indicator to Show the Active Plover System

    For people that use more than one steno system in Plover, for example the English Plover system as well as a German one, an issue is knowing which system is currently active. Windows 10 already has an indicator for the active input method included in the taskbar (ENG/DEU/…) and here’s how this indicator can be updated when switching between Plover systems.

  • AutoHotkey Hack to Reconnect Steno Machine After Sleep on Windows

    I totally love my Georgi but one small inconvenience is the fact that it doesn’t automatically reconnect to Plover after putting my Windows 10 PC in sleep/hibernate.

  • Working on a German Steno Theory

    Last days I finally found some time to work on a long-term goal of mine: A German steno theory similar to the default English steno theory that is provided with Plover. It seems like there already is a theory out there but it’s not publicly available and the keyboard layout is painfully different from the standard English one:

  • Intro to Stenostories

    While browsing the Plover subreddit end of last year, I found a post by Kenneth Burchfiel about his project called ROPE – Remembering Outlines in Plover more Easily. Struggling with finding and learning optimal strokes myself, I was super interested in his approach. ROPE uses a program called Anki for spaced repetition learning. Kenneth built his list with a word frequency list by Mark Davis containing 5000 word and, in addition to the spaced repetition, he added many mnemonic stories to make strokes more memorable.

  • Stenomod Stand

    I planned on writing this a lot earlier but when Robert Fontaine from the Plover Discord channel suggested adding ball joints to get “some twist on the wrist”, I had to try that out. The delivery from China as well as moving to a new city further postponed this post but here it is.

  • Stenocomplete Released

    Now that I’m slowly progressing towards words that are more complex than “tab sap cap pat”, a fast lookup tool would be helpful. For this, the first address that came up was StenoTray. Reading from the Plover log, it suggests dictionary entries that start with the current stroke. Trying for around half an hour, I was not able to start it properly. It only showed a white screen, even after pointing to the correct config and log files. At some point I just hard-coded the dictionary paths into the Java code to make it work. While writing this post, I found a StenoTray fork which might fix the configuration.

  • The Stenomod

    Here it is! My Stenomod arrived a few days after my last post and, after a trip to the local customs office, I received it on the 11th of July. Thereby, today marks exactly two weeks after my first strokes on the keyboard.

  • Hello World!

    Hello everyone! This post marks the very beginning – well, actually prior to the beginning – of my stenography journey.